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Suwanee Beer Fest Home Brewing Competition | Print |
Beer News


We are excited to announce that we will be a Sponsor of the Suwanee Beer Festival again this year March 18 2017.   This will be our 6th year as a sponsor and each year the Festival gets bigger and better.  This year is no exception with the expansion of the Home Brewing Competition with a limited numberof entries of 250 along with the awards presentation.   The registration web site is functioning so get your entries registered  Suwanee Registration   Also check out the Suwanee Magazine web site for more details about the festival... Suwanee Beer Festival

SBF Competition | Print |
Beer News

Some additional information provided to help clarify the Home Brewing Competition Registration process.  (1) Each entry will require 2 bottles of beer.  Each bottle needs to be tagged with a bottle tag that you will print out once you register. However the template that is used will print out 4 bottle tags.  YOU ONLY NEED TWO..   (2) Because the registration site software we use is the sanctioned BJCP software it presents a "Entry/Recipe Form".  The first part of the form is completed as part of your registration. The second part of the form is "Ingredients and Procedures"  this part of the form IS NOT Required to be completed.   We do not need any part of this form when entering your beer.  We only need the bottle tag attached to the entry with a rubber band.  The Entry/Recipe is a way for the brewer to document their entry for future reference, but is not needed as part of the judging.   You will be prompted for additional information needed for entries in Category 6D - American Wheat or Rye Beer, 16E - Belgian Speciality Ale, 17F - Fruit Lambic, Category 20 - Fruit Beer,  Category 21 Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer, Categeory 22 Smoked Wood Aged and Category 23 Speciality Beer. This information is collected with the other entry information and provided to the judges that will be judging these categories.  Call us at 770--645-1777 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any attitional questions.   Cheers!